Photography for the streets: Orchard Road

I did mention I wasn’t too comfortable with the street genre; I am STILL getting dirty stares and shuns, and I suppose that is part of what all serious (thankfully I am not) street photographers have to deal with. They can be lumped into 2 categories.

Namely, the,

1) Snipers: Well if you have a lotsof dough to splash around, you could arm yourself with a super telephoto lens. It puts you out of sight while you snap around. Essentially a voyeur. The good thing is that you get to shoot pictures of people with their natural expressions, oblivious to your presence.

2) In your face: This takes an ample amount of guts. I actually subscribe to this school of thought; being up close, I feel that I am part of the scene. However people do notice when some random dude swings a menacing looking dSLR at them. I would. You don’t get to cherry pick, and the things you can capture are fleeting. I honestly think that is the ultimate gratification for street photographers; to capture that one moment that tells a story.

For this day out on Orchard road, I chose a 100mm (160mm equivalent) to snap about. I wasn’t out to shoot streets, so I was happy to get whatever I could at my convenience.

Road show hosts and their booming mikes do capture attention. No, I don’t want any credit cards.

I was waiting at this little spot, facing an area with stronger overhead lights, waiting for people to step into it. 2 shots and I was noticed. Still, great looking kid.

Shopping malls with their horrendous lighting (for photography) equals at least ISO 3200, resulting in noisier pictures She was the only one to smile at the camera!

I have a box of Uncle Toby’s in my office. Beats holding fries in a lil’ red box!


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