A soft spot for beers

Admittedly, I have a soft spot for beers. I may not be the best advocate for parental guidance; I do enjoy a couple of pints now and then. I think though, what defines the experience is that, many were drunk over companionship with good friends.

Jiburu is a great place for people watching. It is situated in the alleys of 313@Somerset, beside the more well known Brotzeit. Jiburu serves craft beers; you get fancy beers named ‘Jungle Mango and Orange’. I stuck with the safer Nest Pale Ale, followed by a dark miso lager.

Nest Pale Ale.

I’ve been spending lesser time on social media of late, largely due to the nature of my working hours. All in all it might be a good thing, since I have lesser time to be concerned with a**holes and such, hopefully closing a long drawn chapter. Surprisingly, given my historically ill temper, I’ve managed to repress any ill conceived retaliations due to the position I had once held. And there’s that, muting and inhibiting some portions of my responses. Have I mellowed? I don’t know. I did take away a few hard lessons.

People are always gonna talk and speculate, and in actual fact many a good initiative had been undone by the likes of such. Some of them are always gonna be dipsh*ts, morals in a deplorable state. I thought I stuck to my guns and took all the stick. I did leave with a heavy heart; no pity is needed.

Rather, the page felt heavy as I turned it over. Such is life.



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