Painting flowers in a droplet

Well, my ring flash is of no more, having sold it away due to under utilization. I would love to have it around, with its even and shadowless lighting for macro subjects. However it’s depreciation didn’t make much economic sense for a hobby, and there’s that. Heck, that applies to every other hobby with a tangible value, unless you like collecting equity/stocks.

So then, I cut my loss and got a regular (and cheaper) flash gun instead. I finally spent some time today trying to MacGyver a diffuser of some sort. Initially I contemplated buying solutions; you can get overpriced tuperware and softbox diffusers for a hefty price. $80 a piece is a pretty huge deterrent.

Incidentally, this picture was a result of light thrown too far back, illuminating the background. Well it worked accidentally, painting a reflection in this tiny little droplet.


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