Back to nature @ Admiralty Park

Admittedly, all my ventures into nature parks of late have been rather short lived. Yesterday was no exception; one hot sweltering mid afternoon followed by signs of a thunderstorm. Still, it was frustrating not to shoot, so I hauled myself to a place I’ve always wanted to check out.

Admiralty Park has huge grounds to cover. The photos I’ve taken were all on one stretch of a probable 200 meters. Again, weather constraints prohibit me from venturing further. The weight of my set up was rather taxing (ditching my ring flash in favor of a bracket, ball head and flash gun); I’ve gotten a good work out from balancing my set up while maneuvering myself into acrobatic (sort of) positions.

Insidiously, underneath a leaf.

Kinky, lil fellas.

Numerous ones on this leaf alongside their young.

First one for me.

Quite a huge hopper.

A shy spider on a web.

Looking menacing, you red wasp.

Just chilling.

Had to perch rather precariously over the pond to get hold of this dragonfly.

Hopefully I can find time for a good 4-5 hours stretch of exploration. Till then!


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