Some, over dinner

I’m totally alright with dining alone; so that you know I didn’t need a t-shirt stating so (local joke about students from a certain university). I have some left over time for stills.

I was waiting for people to pass by, in order to get some silhouettes outside One Raffles Quay.

Too many pointy points of light (long exposures, shaped by blades of the aperture). Even the moon looks odd.

Spent some time at this very windy spot. This field is pretty popular with sports enthusiasts, though it has no markings or whatever saying that it caters for sporting purposes. It is but a patch of grass owned by MBFC; rather scenic one at that.

Other than sports enthusiasts, this is the spot for potheads. They could probably grow their own tobacco leaves on the adjacent field. I wasn’t looking for a photo on this spot though, until the opportunity presented itself.

I think night photography is something worth exploring; the many sources of light, the knack of using available light, and the different perspective the dark gives you.


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