Macro under fabulous weather

It was a gorgeous day; the blue had been out for the good part of March so I couldn’t give myself an excuse to stay home today.

So, glorious blue skies and…blazing hot as usual. Since my body clock is pegged to London hours, I guess I have little choice when I wake up at noon, trotting to a stretch of greens a few bus stops away from my abode.

Honestly I wasn’t expecting much, other than mosquito bites. It’s situated beside a busy road.

My working distance is usually a couple of centimeters away from the subject; normally I wouldn’t be able to get this close, but it wasn’t it’s jittery self.

Ripe for the picking.

Sometimes they are really patient. Their nymphs are ferocious hunters though.

Your regular detestable fly.

Well camouflaged; I almost missed it. It was on its guard though, moving back a few insect sized steps as I inched closer.

Looks like a stink bug. This was shot with a fill flash.

Many of these lying around.

Interesting colors for a jumping spider who wouldn’t stop moving. I didn’t manage to get some parts in focus.

Sometimes not cropping gives another perspective. Sometimes you get the feeling that some pictures in popular forums are mostly about portraits, subjects filling the entire frame.

This looks like the kind of wasp you do not want to mess with.

I’m still waiting for my $6 soft box to arrive (free shipping so no complains there), but this make-shift diffuser manages to hold its own.


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