Wolf Spider, after a rainy day

I hope I have the correct ID.

Not the usual picturesque green backdrops; this was found in unlikely places. I have little idea how I spotted this rather sizable spider underneath a void deck, under dim lighting in the wee hours of the night. Parking itself out in the open isn’t a good evolutionary call, I personally feel.

Still, it was pretty patient. I say that because I made a detour back home to pick up my camera, banking on some luck it’ll still be there. So, there it was. I actually spotted the biggest ant (the width of your Iphone, not kidding here) I’ve ever seen in another unlikely place; the multi-storey carpark. The aftermath of the rain brought about their nuptial flights I believe, and this one had lost its wings. It was moving about non stop though, and sadly I have no useable photo to show for.


2 thoughts on “Wolf Spider, after a rainy day

  1. I am not so sure that it is a wolfspider. I don’t think wolfspiders have that many bright stripes. Don’t know what else it would be though. It is a great shot. Tack sharp and the focus just right.

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