Dissonance reduction

A Goldlion wallet. A brand normally associated with mature consumers, but hey, it has a sturdy feel to it. Not a big fan of soft wallets.

Sometimes I find myself exhibiting properties of psychological phenomenons I’ve read about. One such property is dissonance reduction; it applies to many things that we do and makes us so predictable.

I have a regrettably bad habit; when I want to make a purchase, I would find myself looking out for reasons to get one. I would do research on the net, justifying why I would need it. Before long, the registers ring and my wallet is a wee bit lighter. I would find myself distancing myself away from potential disadvantages, ignoring what it meant to be frugal. Dissonance is reduced. I had gotten this wallet after several contemplations, after telling myself that the coin compartment had dented the shape of my old wallet, when I was sure that I could squeeze out a good several months of use.

Now, I found myself reading up on tablets, justifying to myself that I could use its portability for books since I hardly read now. And it’s too darn hard to get the Kindle and Nook over here. I do miss reading though, and I seemed sold on the not-so-economical iPad. It’s shiny, its slick, and I’m sunk.


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