The land of Rail

Obviously I have exaggerated on the title. Today I unexpectedly dropped off at the wrong bus stop, not too far from my abode. I was walking along railings demarcating the road and the drains when I spotted these array of jumping spiders! At that particular spot, there were about 5 species frolicking around, trying to avoid being food by one of their kind. I got too near at times; it was an invite for them to jump into my lens, jeez.

Here’s one that obviously isn’t a spider; a stoic denizen.

Others lurk insidiously.

Mosquitoes have a high propensity to attack me; I was bitten rather viciously while photographing these critters on the railings. Still, I ventured a little closer down the stretch to home.

Not sure if it does moult; it has aged and flaky eyes.

Still, the crimson color is beautiful.

Just to highlight the intricacy of its wings.

I knew I had to take a shot of this.

Something irrelevant and abstract.

Some depth.

Not salient at all.

One of the less reflective ones. Makes for an even lighting.

One thorny bug to cap off the day.


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