the throng on weekends

A collection of zeroes, probably to symbolize property prices in town, like the one above this.

I think we are a little saturated in our shopping space now; malls are popping up everywhere, heading into the heartlands. I get agitated that every conceivable plot of green had to be smothered with concrete. The central district still draws though, and the throng is a common sight on the weekends.

This is the first time I’ve tried panning the camera.

I’ve done a post on this fountain before; kids love this place. You see throngs of people here on the weekends as well; I kind of feel old here. This is a haven for teenage shopping. Of course I once roamed here with a slightly different agenda; now that my bones creak (I’m 25 of course) I’ve always felt that I needed time away from the throng.


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