One morning at Dairy Farm

So I’ve always wanted to check out Dairy Farm. No milked cows there of course, however throngs of mountain-bikers doing their things on a weekend morning are a common sight.

I had the company of my photography hobbyist and we spent a good deal of time checking out one particular trail.

No idea what spider contraption this is!

Really lucked out on this one; tiger beetles are known to move frighteningly fast. I really loved the colors.

Always around.

Soaring to new heights.

Some Ling Zhi I believe.

Nature’s guise. Very well camouflaged indeed.

They move in a hypnotizing manner.

One of the catches of the day. This orange weevil had patience for just one shot.

Something my friend mistook for an ant. An old guard ant mimic spider that has lost a couple of its legs.

Out of the gazillion leaves, I had turned this one and there it was, a strawberry spider.

Rather dull damselfly.

What in the world!

In Singapore, ants this huge are as rare as it gets. I remember in down under I had huge ants crawling around me, with a couple in particular clinging on to my bag. This one, we trailed for 10 minutes. It was brazen, seemingly charging at our innocent shoes at times, transiting along a demarcated trail with little regard to a fate underneath tires or boots.

And, something that flutters gently to cap off the day.


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