Many musings

The $2 deodorant beads I had bought didn’t seem to give the impression that they worked; I guess I was biased since you ain’t supposed to smell anything if it worked, and there wasn’t even an odor to begin with. Jeez, I wonder why I had bought it in the first place.

Well it was shiny and I thought I would try shooting these with light passing through tinted glasses with varying levels of light.

Erm, Midori flavored light?

Bouncing off the ceiling.

And erm, SoCo flavored light.

I like the occasional beer, but I hadn’t gone about spirits in the past few years. My taste has changed. I get the impression that nothing has been achieved; I really should be sipping SoCo on a vacation on some remote island near my retirement age. Currently I’m still on a contract job; nothing has ever been certain for my professional career, especially so in today’s financially turbulent times.

I had a little chat with my vp one fine day, and he did make it known he was concerned with setting the right path for his employees, regardless of whether they will be with the firm in the next few years. I was asked what I would like to do; I was cock-sure hitherto but I found it hard to answer in that instance. Hitherto, I had substantially concrete paths but as worldly affairs chipped away at the economy, I found that what mattered most was what I could do with the chance that was given to me. I am in settlements and I will continue to be in settlements for the next 6 months, albeit in the APAC shift. I didn’t even know what was settlements when I had gotten out of school.



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