Venus Drive 11th July 2012

I had spontaneously decided to get some macro photography done in spite of the dark looming clouds; true enough my morning venture was thwarted by an act of nature. Then came the second calling in the afternoon, also looking suspiciously gloomy. So I decided to trust the weather service (we really shouldn’t be).

I was glad to be away from the urban setting; lately there has been incessant drilling and renovation works going on in my vicinity. The forest is surprisingly tranquil, flanked by the chirping of birds and their chicks. The air was moist and rather thick, having rained earlier. Still, I felt at ease.

Out of reach, lil jewel.

Sadly out of my reach as well. Looks like a robberfly.

Small dude, looking really salient with its metallic blue shimmer.

Life goes on, slowly.

Definitely the catch of the day. Not sure if this is the viciria genus. I’ve cropped the last picture to highlight the happy accident; an illuminated leave for catchlights. I didn’t realize my flash was blocked!

First purple dragonfly for me.

Sometimes the setting may seem devoid of life. You look for the odd object sticking out, the odd color on the leaf, and sometimes they may surprise you.

Last picture to cap off the day. Admittedly I botched some photos of this great looking spider.


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