One blazing afternoon at the reservoir

This sight puts me in a good mood, although it was slightly dented by the tumble I took later on in the forest. So my evasive skills failed as I unknowingly clipped the edge of a rock, sending me sprawling into the soil. Thank goodness it was soil I landed on, and not rocks. That particular trail was littered with many rocks and jeez, I had to have a patch of soil all to myself. The first thing I did when I got up was to stop my watch timer, and clearly that didn’t make any evolutionary sense. I was a good 5km from civilization, so I definitely felt extra-mortal there. I paid a few scrapes though.

When I passed by the mini jetty it was unspoiled; after my run I went back to one that was crawling with high school canoeing kids. Well, it was still too good to pass up.


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