Trotting around the bay

After much deliberation, I’ve finally got a tripod. I wasn’t keen on shelling out mega bucks for a professional one, just something acceptable and sturdy for a relatively low price. Its rather heavy though; you would most definitely feel its gravitation influence after prolonged walking. Sturdy + light weight = mega bucks. Still, a tripod offers a little more shooting opportunities; the above water lily was shot with a tripod and an unimpressive kit lens in evening light; it is tack sharp as far as I am concerned.

The decision to get a tripod was mainly spurred on by a foray (attempted) into landscape photography. I’ve been itching to replace my kit lens (18-55mm) with a 17-40L, and to move into full frame format.

Not truly wide angle, but I’ve been yearning for a shot from this bridge that connects the Marina Bay Sands hotel to the multimillion (or billion?) Gardens by the Bay.

Muting some colors.

Sometimes you stumble upon a scene where you think ‘ah-ha!’; this is one.

Hopefully my foray proves fruitful and I’ll have a few photos I could hang up!


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