Many grouses, and the purported zombie apocalypse.

Something taken off a used bean-curd container; water condensation with an array of colors.

Of late I’ve had many grouses, hardly having a chance to put it to ink, because hey I would love to instead of living in my own mental prison. Often I would type one or two liners on my Facebook page and subsequently delete them; they would offend just about everyone I know. Religion, xenophobia, soccer fans and many more. Sometimes humanity, in spite of its ingenuity, can be collectively ugly and stupid. I view at a distance.

I could start with a purported zombie apocalypse; it has happened with the entire nation staring down at their phones and tablets. Not to say I don’t own one, but it gets pretty intense on morning subway rides where personal space is non existent, and the bloke beside you is constantly tripping over herself because her Korean drama is just as intense. Coupled with the bio hazard threat originating from folks who wouldn’t lift an iota of willpower to cover up their coughs, the morning train ride is a good exercise in self restrain.

I am pretty disillusioned. We are ‘conditioned’ to accept things as it is; packed trains and unreasonable housing prices. Many Singaporeans chase their Singaporean dream, which includes the rush to own a flat ASAP and then pay their lungs off for the rest of their lives. A whooping $500,000 with a 30 year loan taken at an interest of say 2.5% compounded, you do the math. Yet we are made to believe that it is affordable (even with CPF hedging), because you service monthly repayments that seem small in comparison to the future value. It’s like paying off the minimum on your gargantuan credit card bill every month; full of folly. Yet few could cough up the few hundred thousands required in cash.

I could name many more, things that are wrong with the world. Apart from the usual suspects like Nicky Minaj and John Terry, I may be very well be part of it. Like others, I hold a different view on many subjects. But sometimes I am heartened by the fact that in spite of our collective differences, mankind could rise up to the occasion and overcome challenges. Putting the man on the moon, sending out space probes (like the Voyager, the furthest man made object in space), and numerous scientific milestones. Yet memes like religion constantly divides humanity, people constantly oppose to solutions on climate change and space exploration (because hey, who is going to pay for it). Veering into the ugly we have the body of a deposed dictator paraded on the streets, the bounty offered by a state minister for the life of a certain anti Islamic film maker, campaigns to save certain species but not others.

On a more personal note, an event that sorely stands out involves my friends. Well, at this rate I am going to turn out to be a grouchy lonely old man, hobbling around with his darn camera and tripod, strangely angry at a world that could be simultaneously hideous and beautiful.


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