food with a twist

I must admit, The Handburger was never on the top of my list for a meal out; the portion looks seemingly minute for a big eater like me, and it’s rather pricey. Still, we gave it a shot and I must say didn’t turn out too bad. The aesthetics are pleasing with good flavors to boot.

Duck Confit, with tangerine and sprouts coupled with a house salad.

Caesar Chicken with delectable shrooms and an equally shroom-y soup.

Mind you, these were burgers and there will always be minimalist peeps who will always swear off utensils (how else would you eat one..?). However they did serve it with utensils; their platter even has a mold dug in to rest a fork and knife. Ironic, considering their marketing pitch.

After lunch we headed to a nearby indie coffee joint. The lighting was warm and cozy and had wooden menus, serving a variety of coffee and pies and tarts. So it was not-aptly named Tiong Bahru Bakery; the name reminds you of modest coffee shop located somewhere out of town. The default coffee for me was always going to be the latte. You get a modest cup with coffee basked in subtle cinnamon-y orange aroma that will grace your palettes.

With berries crumble to boot. 

On a personal note, it’s mighty crowded in the F&B space in the current climate. Competition’s sprouting up; not that it is bad for the consumer, but you do get a wee bit too many choices on where to settle for lunch/dinner than say, a decade ago.

A tad too much retail space! The new wing at Plaza Singapura.


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