some thoughts on the 17-40mm

Lens flare was initially evident, causing a loss of contrast on the subject. Solved without too much of a fuss, with a contrast tweak.

So after 2.5 years I’ve finally gotten one of the famed ‘red ringed’ lens. Some reviews panned this lens; distortion, fringing and such. The 2nd shot I had kept (2nd last photo of my previous post) had purple fringing when zoomed all the way in. Other than that, it was tack sharp. At a normal glance. Which is how most photos are viewed.

It seemed counter intuitive to buy a focal length covered by my kit lens; the 18-55mm. the 17-40L has a little less light at F/4.0, while having lesser reach. With all due respect to the kit lens, it is a good performer for its price. Still, I bought the 17-40L with the intention of moving up to full frame; lesser reach (which I hardly use on a zoom) and F/4.0 in all honesty bothers me little.

Reverting to the 1st paragraph, scrolling through the forums will uncover many grouses. One of the most common complains is distortion, which is paradoxically one of the unique aspects of wide angle photography. The other is corner softness; honestly do you print corners for keepsakes? Many keepers were shot from work-arounds due to equipment limitations, and I’m not embarrassed to say I have had a few. Bought this lens after much contemplation, hopefully it’ll will serve me for a long time to come.


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