small foray into landscape photography

I’ll admit it; I was happy to get my filters (those darn overpriced plastics) and got around shooting. I haven’t got a chance to push the limits of the Cokins; apparently everyone’s saying you’ll get a magenta cast on long exposures. The thing is; even at very low apertures and ISO, I wasn’t able to push the shutter lower than 1/15. You want longer exposures, pony up the cash.

I was hoping for epic light but they don’t come easy on overcast dreary days. What I had was a slit of yellow on the horizon. With the graduated neutral density filters I was able to even out the exposure across the photo.

Still, I didn’t notice the difference in exposure for the river; the lower part to the right is clearly more exposed; that was where the filter was draped until.

So lately I’ve noticed I have used 2 out of 3 storage gigs that is available on WordPress, setting off some minor alarm bells. Normally I would size down my photos a little, giving an average file size of 4-5mb. I would have to further re-size a new set just for uploads; these pictures are a couple of megabytes. Hopefully its a-ok.



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