revisiting Pandan Reservoir

When I first started out in photography I’ve always thought that silhouettes were a given.

Through time I’ve actually learned that if you want to expose for the bicycle on top, it’ll blow out the sky due to the difference in exposures over the photo (foreground versus sky), a shortcoming of modern digital SLRs. Still, silhouettes work great to an extent, depending on the mood you want to convey in your picture.

Recently, some interest was piqued in landscape photography. I’ve gotten a new lens, as well as a graduated neutral density filter to play around with. The skies looked good so I headed back to the Pandan Reservoir located in the western regions of the sunny island.

One of the first shots.

Pretty strong waves for a reservoir.

Anglers on a lazy Sunday.

Changing light conditions.

And lastly, a 13 second exposure when the light permitted, creating a smooth water effect.

At 26 years old, I can affirm with reasonable conviction that I have inclinations towards all things natural. Recently, my area had been earmarked for development; you get a hospital and several shopping centers sprouting up. I was sad to see patches of fields gone, replaced by roads. It takes longer to travel home now. Honestly, to dismiss this as a price of progression is just a wave of the lazy hand, because we honestly can’t see beyond the consequences of one life span. You see, we had been nomadic. We consumed and moved on when resources were depleted. Even with our modern intellect and moral faculties, we continue to believe that we can progress without environmental sustainability. I felt great standing against the breeze at the edges of the reservoir, but truth be told, this serenity is likely painfully finite.


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