living photography


Today marks the end of a chapter in my photographic journey. It may seem a tad exaggerating to label it ‘journey’, but what I do is to document and photograph things I deem meaningful, over the course of this life, in my own way. I still remember plonking down my holiday job earnings into this piece of gadgetry. I knew nothing back then; however owning one forces you to think and explore, and in a nutshell it is actually managing variables in accordance to the environmental context (excluding creativity). Drawing parallels with John’s article I came across a while ago, ownership doesn’t immediately guarantee jaw dropping photos. These days, you can find one hanging from the necks of many as you walk along the shopping belt.

I don’t churn out jaw dropping photos; that’s not my goal. Eventually I settled on my own style and genre, in a way avoiding some costly mistakes (that long telephoto will probably sit in your cabinet for ages). For the past half a year I’ve been mulling over moving towards a full-frame for that intrinsic photo quality since I shoot mostly stills, and I did. So I’ve sold this little one to a young chap, who did mention that it was his first camera. In a way, that was nice, and I hope he would find a fruitful start.


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