Rusty Macro

IMG_6975 IMG_6973

Bit rusty over here; I haven’t been tackling macro for quite some time now. I was interested to see how far I could push the magnification since I’ve lost the 1.6x crop, not to mention pop up flash wireless trigger. Sadly, I had to mount my flash on-camera. Not many keepers here, with blocked light and out of focus shots.


Live View helps.


Got lucky here as they had the same depth of field.

IMG_7055 IMG_7043

Likely an assassin or stink bug. If you peep, you can see that its left eye is damaged.


Really hairy moth. Out of focus though.

Again, not the best lighting over here. I’ll have to get a wireless trigger if I am to use the flash off camera, similar to my old set up. Well, more cost!


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