So we checked out this lil’ place tucked away at Purvis Street upon recommendation from a friend; the description went something like ‘the cheapest French food you can find opposite a joint vastly dissimilar in price’. This place I’ve heard, had its roots in a regular coffee shop before moving up to a full fledged restaurant (not that spacious though).

The place was obviously staffed by peeps in their schooling years; cheeky grins, dyed hair. It looked well run though, except for that blip where a power trip occurred, and the part where we were billed a little extra.

Salon confit with apple and fennel salad. Chewy and raw in the inside, flavorful. $7.90


Chicken stuffed with foie-gras with basmati rice. There are some ethical considerations against foie-gras, and this should be my first and last try. Chicken on the overall was nicely done. $9.90


Duck confit with mash potatoes, sauteed shitake mushrooms with orange segments. Tender meat with pretty darn good tasting mash. $10.9.


Chocolate and hazelnut mousse. Tastes suspiciously like Ferrero Rocher though. $7.9


Pistachio Panna Cotta, delectably tasty. $6.9


There you have it. I ain’t sure how ‘French’ is this, as I’ve never really had a proper French meal before. The photos admittedly, I’ve botched quite a bit of it, but I couldn’t justify taking extra time off to dolly up my shots when I really, really, should be tucking in. Bon appetit!


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