Venus Drive February 2013

After persistent showers in the afternoons for the whole week, I had decided that the sensible thing to do was to head there in the mornings. I had my long pants that day, in an attempt to stave off mosquitoes. Arriving late meant that the day was heating up, but still, I got about to shooting what I could find.

Morning dew drops.


Always around, with its deep brown eyes.

IMG_7885 IMG_7886

Missed a shot of this hoverfly in flight by just that much. Eventually it settled down for a bit.


In some grand poise.


Not likely to mess with this wasp.

IMG_7906 IMG_7905

A collection of ever colorful dragonflies.

IMG_7887 IMG_7908 IMG_7982

It was dangling down with its long legs before scurrying for cover.


I realized it was dead. However I absolutely did not realize that there was a spider behind! Little luck for the crane fly.


Ant mimic spider.


Pretty common beetle, I think.


Jumping spider with breakfast. I ramped up my flash to shine through the leaf initially.

IMG_7943 IMG_7945

The highlight of the day: a Cicada. My heart sank when it flew away as I got about into position. To my delight it relocated to a slightly higher spot, well within reach. I never knew that it was a mix of reds, greens, blues, and golden yellow.

IMG_7967 IMG_7966 IMG_7971 IMG_7972

What in the zeus?



Another weird colorful critter.

IMG_7997 IMG_8010

An extremely tiny spider, with breakfast of course.


Would not look out of place in Godzilla.


Hurrying along the hand rails.




So there you have it, some highlights from a morning of hard work. I still regret not making enough effort to identify the species in the photograph; instead I’m labeling it as that spider, or that fly. Hopefully that’s something I could address in time to come.


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