a long working day


It was nearly 8pm when I took this shot; in another hour I would have done 12. I lugged my camera to work; initially I wanted to take some shots of the teams’ festive gathering but I soon found out that I would be swarmed. Typical work day when 2 members of your team are missing.

So apparently 1 in 5 over on this sunny island work such hours consistently. Truth be told, I measure productivity in the quality of work done in a given number of hours, instead of measuring the hours. I’ve been told otherwise by people working under managers measuring productivity quantitatively.

Sometimes I lose sight of what it all stands for. Dissent over here has been the highest in years. People are contented buying a 500 grand house, with room lengths barely accommodating a bed. I’ve been urged to get one ASAP before prices rise again in the future. I don’t see how I can take a 500 grand loan for what, 25 years. How does this look sustainable? We settle for so little, for so much.


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