the Bikila LS


There, and done. I’ve actually put off this purchase for quite some time now. This was the last pair available for size 43, plus neon green-black ain’t too bad. I’ve shown this shoe to a couple of friends whom I suspect would not be caught with this out on the streets. I’ve seen a few peeps on the streets with one; people can’t help but stare at those ‘funny looking’ shoes.

I bought these actually, to run like a happy little kid. The connection with the ground, the feedback with every step feels surreal, much like how running should really feel. I can never ever go back to padded and heavily cushioned shoes.

I still have a pair of Nike Frees (the older version was much better) that mimics barefooted running. I thought I would be able to make a smooth transition into the Bikila LS, so I happily went for an overzealous 5km. Couple of days later I am still walking around with sore calves, so clearly there is much transitioning to be done.

Keep running!




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