moon phase


Of course this is no JLC or IWC for that matter; watch forums I’ve come across have peeps with budgets of 20 grand and such. For a couple of hundred bucks, this was shipped from Amazon and arrived earlier than expected (2 weeks in fact). Admittedly, being an astro-nut, I was obsessed over watches with moon phases and spent a great deal of time flipping through websites for one. I couldn’t find anything much on this brand, so shipping this over was a rather risky proposition. That being said, most of the watches by Jacques Leman look fantastic for its price.

I didn’t exactly get a lemon; the watch looks fabulous as does the moon phase. The thing though is that, with a macro lens (can’t consider this an advantage in this instance) you could see some flaws in minute hand, as well as an incomplete paint job in the second hand (seriously minor nuance).

Well, I would have to get the bracelet adjusted to fit before I could wear this timepiece. 🙂




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