Marina Barrage and beyond


Overexposed on purpose; thought I would do a black and white.

This spot was a pain to get to. If you drive, not so bad, as it would be a 10-15mins walk. Otherwise you have got to start from the building you see in the above picture, trekking in a good U-shape before arriving. Or you could swim across. I took a gamble and yea, there was a visible sunset albeit an ordinary one, despite the antecedent rain.


One of the first few photos taken.

What I didn’t count on was an entire row or lalangs that took my attention for a little while.





I run past this faithful stretch on some weekdays after work and never knew that these plants grace this stretch. I guess sometimes if you pause, you can find something meaningful. Still it was a tad morbid being in the vicinity of the office on a weekend.

IMG_8408-2 IMG_8404-2 IMG_8409-2

Picturesque spot to compliment your jogging experience.

My photos have a blue-ish cast (apart from dialed in saturation in post processing) to it, I figure due to the Cokin filter. I also can’t seem to pull off the bells and whistles of the other landscape photos yet, where they would expose for every single light source. I’m not too sure if that is a good thing either, since it deviates from how I construe my pictures to be.

IMG_8416-2 IMG_8424-2 IMG_8425

Dusk was approaching and I made my way back. I reciprocated a friendly wave from another enthusiast, which in a way felt nice.


Some after glow lingers.


Thought I would try an unconventional shot.


I kind of liked this one.


Final few shots as I head back via the dam bridge.


The reason why you would want a wide angle.


One for the night.


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