Prive @ Keppel Bay

After seeing post after post on this particular joint, we had decided to check it out. Prive @ Keppel Bay Vista is a cafe boasting views of a parking lot; that is one where people park their fancy yacht. We didn’t opt for the al fresco, though I’m sure that would be nice. I wouldn’t give a glowing review, because in all honesty I feel that you can get a better bang for your buck elsewhere, albeit the nice isolated ambiance. Mains were pretty pricey, a good 50% premium over other similar restaurants.


Crispy skin salmon in cream sauce.


Roasted pork belly, which was a bit of a let down. Flavors were rather bland.


Good ol’ fish&chips.


Moroccan spiced chicken, which was pretty good. I like the touches of rocket leaves.

The portions were not fantastic; for similarly priced food fare I would recommend Queen & Mangosteen at Vivocity. All in all, I would say we were done with our meals in about 15 minutes.

Since this was an impromptu outing I didn’t thought of bringing my tripod, so I was left smacking myself when I saw potential sunset keepers. The area around the cafe was essentially a park facing the sea, which makes good for after dinner strolls.


Balancing my camera on a railing, tilted. I kid you not.


Residential suites for the very loaded.

IMG_8535 IMG_8533

I get to practice landscape photography without a tripod.

IMG_8538 IMG_8536

One of the few groups enjoying the sunset and breeze.

I would recommend this seemingly undiscovered spot to anybody wanting to get away from the city. I was there on a weekend and there were hardly souls around. I don’t want to spoil a good thing though, since its undisturbed ambiance is what renders this spot charming. I don’t want people camping with their tablets and such.


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