Brunch; Wild Honey

They say this is brunch gone international; it has a rather extensive menu. Feeling ravenous we actually ordered 3 mains. Prices are not wallet friendly though, and I suspect that has partly got to do with the location. I believe this is the second outlet, and this one resides at Scotts Square. As you walk into the mall you could see luxury watch retailer Sincere with its arsenal of Franck Muller watches, which gives you an idea of the target clientele for the mall. Wild Honey is tucked away at the third level; I left my name on the waiting list and was seated a whooping 1 hour 15 minutes later.

It was worth the wait. The place was cozy; their slogan says ‘No place like home’. Aptly named I would say. The service was warm, though the billing portion came a little quick, presumably due to the immensely long waiting list.

The hunt for brunch places continues!


Portobello mushrooms and poached eggs.


Norwegian style (I guess the salmon and roe?) with asparagus.


Dubbed the Hangover Sandwich, I’m not sure why.



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