good ol’ goodness

IMG_9988 IMG_9991

I’m a beer kind of guy. Spirits are not really my thing although i have stuff like Southern Comfort lying around. If you don’t like beer, you know what they say; you just haven’t found the right one for you. I can’t put a lid on why I like this hop-ey goodness. Maybe it’s an acquired taste (alongside millions of other men). I do know I like rich wheaty beers and ale more, and I’m not a fan of guzzling beer ice cold, because some taste better at warmer temperatures.

This one has a full bodied biscuit-y note to it, a little less foamy (if that is your thing). It’s a little pricey here in Singapore, alongside every other with alcohol content. At the duty free shop, it’s 3 for $10.

It was a darn hot day and I didn’t want to fiddle around with my camera. I did though and the first shot was a keeper. The vapor details blew me away; I think i like this one much.


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