Race thoughts

nike 2013

That would be me at this year’s We Run SG Nike 2013.

I did clock a better time this year, but in actuality the race was personally horrid. I was pounding too hard on the road due to the stiff nature of the shoe, and stopped to walk 3 times. I took a few sips of water as well, which was a few sips too many for a 10km race. The organization was fantastic; split/forked routes and different music, not to mention a nice race tee and an equally well designed finisher tee. Allyson Felix was there, and it sure was nice to see an Olympian grace the event.

It’s been 2 years since I’ve started working; it was an uphill battle to get into shape, and to get there was a painful and slow journey. I do better over shorter distances; I have more fast twitch muscles. Sometimes I beat myself up too much, because I feel that I have to put in much more effort to achieve better efficiency and results in long distance running. The upside is that though arduous, I’ve have had better pacing than years back. I’ll be looking forward to the next 10km race!

P.s: the marathon is up next though, shucks!


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