Take out at Paris Baguette


Phai Thai.

You would be forgiven to think that Paris Baguette comes from say, Paris. Its not, and I startled to be attended to by a Korean cashier. This is apparently a top Korean bakery and is always fully seated every time I had walked past. For better or worse, it is a free for all style of seating, so it takes a healthy dose of luck to get seats right off the bat.

The pastries look dainty and palatable and obviously is gratifying to scuff down. Oddly we opted for the take-out as we had wanted a proper meal, and it was a pain swash buckling for seats.



Chicken Caesar salad.

Prices here belong to the stratosphere; you can get bread in the regions of >5 bucks per piece, though somewhat mitigated by its quality. Definitely worth a visit.


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