On illuminating bottles


Obviously I love my beers as much as my photography, so it was nice to combine them both. I first got the idea of illuminating chilled bottles from an earlier experiment. At that time, I simply wanted to photograph a bottle of Leffe Blond before consumption. I took it out from the freezer and did a quick set up with my flash at one of my favorite spots; at the back from an angle. There was enough light to bounce and slightly illuminate the front as well, which works for me. What it also illuminated were vapors which got me kind of excited.

So here I am with a bottle of Brew Dogs Black Ale a friend of mine passed me from a craft beer tasting session. Lets put it this way; this is how dark ale should taste like. It is bitter as expected of darks, but is incredibly full bodied and caramelized from start to finish, which some ales lack (I don’t want to discredit some brands here and taste is, largely subjective).

What I have below was another sample, and probably the yeastiest (border-lining on funky sour weird) beer I have ever tried.  The pour was difficult; I can tell you it foams more than detergent. Still it wasn’t half as bad, just not something I would have all night. This was shot to show case the tint, as with what I’ve done with bottles of wine and liquor I have had.



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