Up and coming…craft beer


There is a shift in taste with time. Apparently, at least locally I’ve heard, the spirit drinking crowd shifted more towards wine, and then beer. Nowadays there is far too much competition. For example, tiger Beer has introduced their Radler, a lemon infused beer targeted at women I believe, to spur growth. It’s a numbers game.

Craft beer has become more salient in the past 6 months. In fact I have had a couple of blog posts on the ones I’ve tried. We had the usual micro breweries from way back, but you can increasingly see bottled ones on supermarket shelves, as well as indie joints and hipster cafes stocking up. With the new sales tax on alcohol, it’s an expensive affair, though I don’t disagree that the lion’s share of sales taxes should be passed on to people who are willing to pay for vice (apparently). Still, I am going to tell you that the above costed SGD 7 bucks a pop before the sales tax was implemented. That is going to sound grossly expensive compared to an overseas pint.

On to the beer. This is nothing like the Black Ale I’ve had from the same brewer. It’s darn refreshing, with minimum head. The first thing that hits you is the flowery and citrusy notes (I would say a bit on the overwhelming side), followed by a light and crisp after taste. It would pair nicely with seafood. There are a couple of other ales I haven’t tried; hopefully next time!


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