Timing Strawberries: A milestone…sortof


Now this is something I had set out to do in the past, but never got about doing it. On a Sunday night, a plate of strawberries sat there and I was like, why not?

Flashback: What I had set out to do when I got my camera, was to capture all things meaningful around me. This was a broad goal and gave much room for exploration. Stills, food, landscape; I try not to restrict myself to one genre.

Back to yummy strawberries. The set up is pretty straight forward. You can do this without high sync speeds (aka strobes) with some compromise on the quality of your stop-motion goals. The flash was set at it’s lowest power (for a visual representation of sync speeds and capturing motion, there is a pretty cool exhibition at the Science Center) and placed near the glass off camera. You would want a good depth of field and your camera on a tripod. Thereafter, it is just a matter of dunking strawberries. If you have a remote, that’s great. Else you could set yours on a timer.


IMG_1523 IMG_1525

This would be the end product I was looking for.


Hopefully I could improve and control more variables. For example, with a macro lens, smudges and dust of all sorts show up, so a good wipe may be in good order. I could bounce the light off colored backgrounds. It could be fun:)


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