a detour to Pandan Reservoir


I was supposed to head to Raffles Marina; in fact I was there but chickened out as I heard that the lighthouse is in a restricted area and photographers sometimes get chased away. The sky was screaming dark clouds so I detoured to Panda Reservoir again to salvage something.

I’ve come to like this place. It has been largely untouched, less some amenities offering some convenience to joggers. The last thing I want to see is this place opened up to excessive urbanization, restaraunts and the likes of such. Where we have throd, we have damaged and littered. Another reservoir, Mac Ritchie, is earmarked for train tracks development (in the vicinity I presume, not absurdly aross it). During last Sunday’s run, I’ve bumped into dingbats smoking in the forest, twice. Usual retort is about the rights to smoke, and probably the right to pollute and raze the entire forest. Urbanization is inevitable for a crowded planet, yet as a nature lover, it can seem really dreary at times.


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