scratching the bauhaus itch


It’s Chinese if you are wondering. Seagull movements, at least I’ve heard, are pretty ok for the price. I stopped short of a Stowa, to be honest, because I chanced about this huge thread on a homage called the Rodina small seconds. I can see why; a well made automatic with sapphire glass for $120 USD. Homages polarizes. People would scream blasphemy and such.

If I really want to nit-pick, it runs at 21k beats per minute, a good 6k short from my ETA movements. It appears smooth though, because the small seconds are well, small, making such differences trivial. The case doesn’t give the appearance that screams ‘metal fanatic-level finish’ although it is still acceptable. It also doesn’t hack, so if you track time on an atomic level, you’re gonna be pretty pissed.

The pros are great. As mentioned, sapphire glass is a huge plus. You can wipe the glass without fear of dings and chinks. I also have a huge thing for blue hands on white dials. It looks exquisite, dressy and minimalist, reflecting blue at certain angles. I’m quite pleased with it and if it doesn’t conk out, it’ll be in my collection for a long time to come.


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