from Ho Chi Minh


This was taken from Bitexco Financial Tower on an overcast day, one where back and white would actually work. I was in Vietnam for 2 days, a short period for a getaway but paradoxically, time crawls in this context. We accomplished quite a fair bit, and then it was back to busy busy Singapore.

Street food is very affordable; we had 3 pho for less than $5. You have to pay more if you eat in restaraunts of course, which was what we did to get this magnificient view. Also worth mentioning were the array of cafes that at the very worst, served a good cup of joe. At least the ones we have been to. Their version of drip is served in a cup with condensed milk, and an apparatus that filters coffee powder and hot water right over it. I’m not a huge fan of sweetened stuff; ie sugar into coffee is sacrilegious. However this appeared to work, especially over ice. Robust. Admittedly, I immediately found the coffee back home underwhelming, something I would have to get used to. More photos in the next post.


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