Visual cues


I should probably have a tag labelled ‘things I shoot around my bed’. I get little shooting time nowadays; life’s busy, having to juggle mentally taxing thoughts and such. Digression aside, I have picked up the (bad) habit of searching for budget but palatable wines. Buying wine is like taking a leap of faith; with the assortment on the shelves, I am guessing the bulk of us rely on visual cues to make a decision, and relatively new companies package their wines to tap on this market. Similarly, I like to add small touches to ordinary objects I photograph, and in this instance it was tinted glass and marbles catching the light in some fashion.

Rosemount had a pretty drab packaging, but that has changed. The minimalist sticker and color contrast was what prompted a second look. Admittedly, it would make for a good table wine, but I suspect it is going to be too sweet for some folks, including me.


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