The Milgauss


This was on my radar for a mighty long time. Over the year I thought I had my heart set on a particular piece, only to dislodge that a good few months later when another design registered more in touch. This one stuck long enough; simple and minimalistic, no date or whatsover. Just symmetry, nicely applied framed batons, and a blue sunburst dial. Not to mention, the lightning bolt hand some people absolutely abhor. This is one you have to see in person.

It’s a geeky science watch. It has a Farady cage, and the bolt is a nice heritage of its roots. The light accents are terribly hard to photograph. This was done with off lighting (albeit a little hastily), with light reflecting off the hands (and possibly my orange camera strap) as a happy accident. For normalcy, there is one below, with the glace verte sapphire hue visible.




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