To Labrador with thoughts

So for a while I’ve been having the photography lows. I wasn’t getting enough time with the camera, and was beginning to feel that it was kind of heavy to lug around. And that sentiment is not exclusively for travel. I feel like I’m constantly missing shots. And that’s not a good thing, because some degree of expression of mine is muted and stifled.

I’m building up a case to buy the Leica Q, and that is a horrifying good 6 Gs. Like Rolex, there’s a premium due to perceived value, and given nothing comes close technically (yet, with aperture, ergonomics, color reproduction), demand is pretty strong. I had a chance to handle one and it is a photographer’s dream come true. Apparently 30 sets are produced every day, and when supply outstrips demand we will be looking at November 15.

Digression aside, I brought my camera out with zero aim. Sometimes this is the beauty of it; some moments are extra special. Since Labrador Park was in the vicinity it was an obvious choice for sunset hour. And what do you know, you get a glimpse of the NDP rehearsal.


Click and zoom; a fleet of fighter jets and a chinhook with our Singapore flag in the far background.


A wee bit far away.

Spontaneity doesn’t mean I should chuck my tripod at home (that was sloppiness on my side, but hey it’s about an extra kg). I did get a keeper though from precariously saddling my camera on a filmsy rail. Usually I straighten my landscape photos, but this, a little vertigo appears to work.


Low shutter to catch the bulging waves. 17mm, F/16 @ 1/5sec.

The sloppiness continues; I left the GND filter at home, so long exposures were an issue. Thankfully light was cooperative. It’s great to see people coming together to marvel at a daily natural phenomenon. The Earth spins, and revolves around the Sun; consequently the Sun appears to set. Sprints legend C. Kunalan (100m 10.38s) was strolling here as well.


Someone wolverine-ed the skies; light pillars at work.


Would the Leica Q be ideal for travelling? Definitely. A fixed 28mm lens forces you to frame the shot mentally; you cannot get away with sloppy trigger happy shots. But there are times like these where you absolutely cannot zoom in and out with your feet (unless you want to include the safety barrier in the shot or take a dip). Can I give up the flexibility with landscapes? It’s pretty tough.




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