Paddy Hills


Yoghurt, grapefruit with cindered lime, topped with exactly 1 rose petal.

Truth be told, I got tired of cafes sometime back. Poached eggs seemed like good fun, but there are only so many you can eat. There are plenty of other good honest foodfare. Nonetheless, on a lazy afternoon we decided to give Paddy Hills a go. Already jaded from the usual offerings, I set my bar a little too high. It can’t be helped. Every week you read of 10 new joints sprouting up.

I was surprised; this quaint place sets the mood. The presentation superseded any ill feelings over the price (oops).


They had an awesome espresso machine.


I’ve decided that cauliflower fritters are the new fries. Dipped in masala yoghurt.


Pasta in a ginormous bowl.

It was nice just sitting beside the window; the natural light flatters the food. On recommendation we ordered the berries ricotta, which looked too pretty to eat. All in all, great presentation, and we might just head back there at night.



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