Biking from St Kilda to Brighton and back


Been back from Melbourne for a few weeks now, I must say it’s a lovely place. Second time there. Took quite a few pictures at St Kilda and Brighton, and picking some highlights here to display.

Got our bikes at half the usual rental price, which was nice considering the original wasn’t paltry. To cycle down to Brighton takes a good 5-6km. The day was scorching hot, an anomaly in otherwise a week long cool weather. What do people do at Brighton? Take photos of pretty bathing boxes!



The landscape is pleasing as you can see. Cycling back was much cooler.

IMG_5028 IMG_5033

Since the sun sets at an absurdly late 740PM, we returned our bikes and had dinner at 40 Thieves. Delectable Lebanese food fare.


Sea of beach go-ers.

We took a stroll and waited for sunset.



On the way to St Kilda pier.

If you didn’t already know, the pier rocks house really really cute penguins. Here is one.


Unfortunately they are constantly under duress from tourists and it must have been really stressful.

Capping off the evening. The blue hour is the same in Melbourne and in Singapore, in the sense that it is fleeting.

IMG_5080 IMG_5087 IMG_5092 IMG_5099  IMG_5106


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