Walking around with 28mm


Did I mention I really like Mac Ritchie? It’s a great green space. I run here every Saturday, and sometimes on Sundays. I have shot wildlife and landscape here. It’s great respite from the hustle and bustle of urban life.

I was sitting on a fence for a long while, as I was unsure if I will ever adapt to one focal length. In the end I pulled the trigger, and it’s likely that the 6D will be sold regrettably. I can’t justify having 2 cameras. Weight was an important factor; I had actually opted to leave the 6D home most of the time because I was dreading lugging it around. Especially on overseas trips. It’s quite a lot of weight and may have actually compounded muscle asymmetry I was having.

So having one focal length means having to work for your shots. There are obvious limitations though; you can’t get the sense of sweeping landscapes with ultra wide angles. Maybe I will learn to stitch.



L1000139 L1000151 L1000152 L1000157

L1000171 L1000167 L1000180 L1000162


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