Saving MacRitchie


I made this collage of the shots taken over the years at Mac Ritchie forest, in support of the preservation of it. No, the forest is not going to be leveled. Rather, there is a proposed tunneling underneath it to serve the Cross-Island line. I’m actually feeling a little jaded at urbanization; after all the government will have its way with land eventually, so the announcement on feasibility studies on tunneling looks more like a lip-service exercise to a cynical me.

Where we have trod we have caused destruction and extinction of many species. When the last free is fell, the damage is irreparable. There will be an exodus of animals leaving the site in question, upsetting the ecosystem. Do we want this man made scenario and shave 6 minutes off our traveling time? At some point, the trade off doesn’t sound that great. 6 minutes is a known variable in our traveling time, instead of unplanned variables like train disruptions, which are still happening from time to time. I’ll sleep better at night if I knew I didn’t indirectly participate in a senseless cause.


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