Paradoxical Dawn


It’s been a hectic 2 years. Not complaining, but it’s just that I have had lesser time for things that matter. For one, I missed reading, but that’s because I’m lazy and did not obtain content. Writing is another, so maintaining this little blog is something I try to achieve.

Ever slugged through the week and found yourself catching up on sleep that weekend? I did, and I woke up many days wishing I have had an hour more. So I rush. The world rushes, chasing after material standings, belongings, another social strata, another life. As I weave in and out of the kitchen and toilet, I stopped and looked at the horizon. In all it’s glory, I stopped and pondered if I should just ignore all of these magnificence.

So here I give you something that could be had, if you would just pause and gaze.


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