My, my, that ‘taste’


On the way back from Melbourne last year, I helped myself to a few glasses of dry martini. We are usually on budget carriers; we flew full carrier as SIA had a pretty good deal. In all honesty the wine was pretty awful, that I picked a cocktail over it. I don’t do well with cocktails, but after a few sips I was hooked. The ice took forever to melt; could it be the high altitude? All in all I had 3, and I can’t quite put a lid to what that distinct smell was.

Over the past year, on nights out, I would take a secondary look at the cocktail section. On occasions I gave in and ordered one. It never did quite taste the same. The gin overpowers. It’s not a bad drink, but I guess I was quite hung up on that ‘taste’. And it was actually vermouth; somehow I thought buying a bottle of Martini Extra Dry was a good idea. Even more so when I poured one over the rocks, and eventually a glass chilled, neat. And it’s supplanting wine as a go to favorite. At 18% it’s strong on its on, but hey, at nearly age 30, you don’t slosh good stuff for the sake of doing so. Take a sip, and smell the brandy evaporating over fortified wine in all its olfactory goodness. Herbaceous, delectable. So the conclusion came; on SIA, they were serving up vermouth extra dry with the tiniest hint of vodka/gin.

Glass of vermouth on the rocks, shot with my phone as a back-light.


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